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But Sam thought that what will happen if he died, his mom will pushed to mental illness too bad, his family members will not be happy and he will marked as a boy who has lack of self confidence. So he decided to face the problems. He worked hard to study and got good marksContinue reading “FAILURE BOY-4”


Now, they were in love ❤. They loved each other very much. The whole school knows their love story even their teacher but they felt happy for them. But Christy’s father didn’t know about this because her father was very strict. Now they were studying 9th standard. They graduate to 10 th. One day whileContinue reading “FAILURE BOY-3”


Sam and his family moved to a city. They stayed in a rent house. Here they have many houses near by them. On the next day they moved sam got a friend near by his house, his name was monish. Monish called sam for playing but sam refused to go because he was shy type.Continue reading “FAILURE BOY-2”

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